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Latest News

Priorities clash over the call to encrypt the whole internet

Apr 13 2017 - [Sophos.com]
What does 'encrypting the whole internet mean': can it be done and is it a good idea?


Smartphone sensors offer hackers a way past security PINs

Apr 13 2017 - [Sophos.com]
But how likely are you to fall victim to this kind of attack?


Android malware creators throw up a roadblock to thwart the good guys

Apr 13 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Security practitioners often use emulators to dig into Android malware. So what happens when the bad guys work out how to spot that?


Google joins the efforts to halt the spread of fake news

Apr 13 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Tech giants' efforts to identify dubious stories are helpful, but the onus still lies with users


Google boosts verification after wave of Maps fake listings fraud

Apr 12 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Just as platforms are turning to humans to verify news stories, verification procedures for business listings now seem to be heading in the same direction


News in brief: NATO cyberthreat centre launches; Yahoo ‘hacker’ denied bail; Samsung delays AI assistant

Apr 12 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news


Court to force adult site to expose ‘pirating’ users

Apr 12 2017 - [Sophos.com]
A porn company has found more than 1,000 copyright-infringing videos on Pornhub. Fair. But why isn't Pornhub itself being held accountable?


Low fines for charities misusing donors’ data was ‘a masterstroke’

Apr 12 2017 - [Sophos.com]
When 13 charities including two leading animal welfare organisations were given what looked like very low fines for serious data breaches, many were outraged - but it increasingly looks like a very sm


Malware, Sir? Jenkins ‘software butler’ tool gets many security fixes

Apr 12 2017 - [Sophos.com]
You patched the operarting system, you patched your apps, but did you patch your plugins?


Unsecured database exposed diabetics’ sensitive data

Apr 11 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Close to a million records belonging to senior citizens in the US were exposed - and since deleted - but included details such as health insurance providers and medical issues


Microsoft patches Word zero-day booby-trap exploit

Apr 11 2017 - [Sophos.com]
All versions of Office on all versions of Windows are vulnerable to this zero-day that spreads malware, so make sure you patch quickly


News in brief: Macron vows encryption crackdown; mobile calls on planes ruled out; AI wins at poker

Apr 11 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news


Attackers using a Word zero-day to spread malware

Apr 11 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Microsoft expected to patch the vulnerability later today, but meanwhile, here's what we know and what you can do to protect yourself


Nothing is certain except death, taxes – and tax scams, phishing and ransomware

Apr 11 2017 - [Sophos.com]
It's the time of year when criminals turn their attention to honest taxpayers - here's our advice on what to look out for to avoid falling victim to their scams


Pwned at the factory: attackers think outside the box

Apr 11 2017 - [Sophos.com]
There are steps you can take to avoid ending up with a device that's been compromised even before you've started up your new phone, but nothing can guarantee you'll get a clean device


Hard-coded passwords put industrial systems at risk

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Schneider Electric held up its hands to the revelation that it was hardcoding passwords into its equipment, but the problem goes beyond one vendor


Monday review – the hot 25 stories of the week

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
From how to stop your iPhone being hacked via Wi-Fi and how it's not just for Apple users to the most 'damaging' Wikileaks dump yet, and more!


Uber ‘showing drivers and riders different fare estimates’, says lawsuit

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Lawsuit that aims to recover back pay alleges that Uber shows riders a longer, slower and more expensive route than the drivers are shown


News in brief: Dallas sirens ‘hacked’; Livejournal cracks down; Russian man arrested in Spain

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news


Shadow Brokers return with a password and message for Trump

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Tools offered by the group 'apparently date back to the 1990s'


Mounties admit to using cellphone-snooping ‘stingrays’

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
But other spying devices placed at Montreal's Trudeau airport and near Parliament in Ottawa nothing to do with government, says minister


BrickerBot malware zeroes in on Linux-based IoT devices

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
BrickerBot is a reminder that the frequency and complexity of Linux malware is on the rise


Payday loan company Wonga breached – what you need to know

Apr 10 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Nothing was stolen that was deeply secret on its own, but collected together, the data points could be gold dust for scammers.


WiFi-enabled adult toy comes up short on security

Apr 07 2017 - [Sophos.com]
You'd hope that the makers of connected adult devices might have learned something from the WeVibe debacle. Apparently not, if this latest example is anything to go by


That ‘iPhone Wi-Fi bug’ isn’t just for Apple users – here’s a rundown

Apr 07 2017 - [Sophos.com]
A bug in Broadcom Wi-Fi firmware that has been patched on recent iPhones and some Google devices could affect many other devices too.


News in brief: Twitter sues US government; Google launches Fact Check; cybersecurity apprenticeship launched

Apr 07 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news


Mastodon: new beast to challenge Big Social, or another white elephant?

Apr 07 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Another big social network - this time, Twitter - has another new challenger, with some interesting features. But the history of the web is littered with the corpses of failed social media challengers


Why isn’t US military email protected by standard encryption tech?

Apr 07 2017 - [Sophos.com]
STARTTLS, which is used to secure the email handled by many organizations, isn't perfect, but it can be useful


What 75 Years Of Harvard Research (Unexpectedly) Teaches Us About Our Coworkers

Apr 06 2017 - [Inc.com]
GrowWe spend as much as one-third of our lives at work. Heres how to leverage it to live longer...



Apr 06 2017 - [Inc.com]
Inc.com, the daily resource for entrepreneurs.


Open sesame – unless you complain about your ‘smart’ door opener

Apr 06 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Developer bricked a customer's device after he complained, raising questions about the reliability of all our IoT devices and their makers


News in brief: NASA to crash probe into Saturn; laptop ban might widen; Facebook tool to spot fake news

Apr 06 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news


Bill would block warrantless searches of Americans’ phones at borders

Apr 06 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Lawmakers from both sides of both houses propose bill to require warrants before Americans' devices are searched at border crossings - although foreigners' phones would remain liable to search


Bad News? Here Are 4 Ways to Help You Get Through the Day

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
LeadAcknowledging your feelings, instead of masking them, is the first step in releasing stress.


The Simple 7-Step Path to Problem Solving

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
HR/BenefitsEach one of these steps are simple. You can do it.


The 25 Top-Paying Jobs in America

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
The Inc. LifeSome careers pay more than others. Here are the ones that pay the most.


Visitors could be forced to hand over phones when entering the US

Apr 05 2017 - [Sophos.com]
Latest proposal on 'extreme vetting' extends scope beyond the majority-Muslim countries already under Trump's spotlight and could require visitors to provide social media passwords


This1 Thing Motivates Better than Carrots and Sticks

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
LeadHuman beings are social animals not simplistic automata who avoid pain and seek pleasure.


As Graduation Approaches: How to Hire Future Leaders

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
How to Hire the BestAs Graduation Approaches: How to Hire Future Leaders Hiring Criteria: Tenacity, Spark, Trust, Leadership, and Humility


Small Businesses Are Hiring More Than Ever

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
EconomySmall business owners have become more optimistic about their business and the economy in general.


How the 'Airport Test' Can Ruin a Good Job Interview

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
How to Hire the BestDon get trapped with someone you secretly want to pull the plug on.


America's Student-Loan Debt Reaches $1.3 Trillion (and It's Still Climbing)

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
MoneyStudents today leave school owing on average about $34,000; up 70 percent from 10 years ago.


10 Weird Ways to Grow Your Business that Only Millionaires Know

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
GrowThese 10 weird tactics can help grow any kind of business.


The Surprising Link Between Airlines and Fitness

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
GrowHow Zenrez is taking the technology behind airline pricing and applied it to fitness classes.


Pepsi Pulled Its No-Good, Very Bad Kendall Jenner Ad (and Managed to Make Things Worse)

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
MarketingIt takes some talent to compound the agony.


Panera's Founder: 'They'll Need to Carry Me Out With My Boots On'

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
WireRon Shaich, Paneras founder and CEO, talks acquisition and says it offers a competitive advantage.


Poll Reveals Young Americans Think the Government Should Be Responsible for Health Care

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
Politics63 percent want the government to increase spending to help people afford insurance.


To Lead, You Need Political Competence

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
LeadTo Lead, You Need Political Competence


Trump Administration Adds Teeth to H-1B Visa Rules

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
Immigration ReformThe Department of Labor has outlined new methods for weeding out fraudulent applications.


Martha Stewart Hops on the Celebrity Booze Wagon With New Wine-Delivery Service

Apr 05 2017 - [Inc.com]
StartupThe queen of cooking, decor, and crafts just added another feather to her cap.


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